Minor Ailment Prescribing tool is coming up SOON

Minor Ailments Prescribing

Pharmacy Automated Mechanisms introduces a Practical, Accessible and Multi-functional solution to help Ontario pharmacists participating in the Minor Ailments Prescribing with confidence.

Practical: Developed by a practicing pharmacist who works in a community pharmacy setting daily. The system is designed with full understanding of the challenges that pharmacists face during the busy day-to-day operations.

Accessible: The users can login from any device (desktop, laptop or mobile device)  and access their accounts. The pharmacist can set up the account with multiple pharmacy locations where the service will be provided and, also, the pharmacy can add as many pharmacists providing the service as they want.


1) Covers all documentation requirements to secure the billing for the service, including informing the patient's primary care provider with the service;

2) Assesses patient eligibility including claim maximums per year;

3) Implements an appropriate care plan including: non-pharmaceutical measures, self-selection medication, and referrals if needed when red flags are detected; 

4) Lists all allowable medications as set out in Schedule 4 to O. Reg. 202/94 under the Pharmacy Act, 1991 as per AHFS Pharmacologic Therapeutic Classification;

5) Brings the corresponding PIN number for billing according to the kind of service provided; and

6) Generates a follow up reminder.

Paperless system: the whole procedure can be done electronically to avoid clutter and promote environmentally friendly practices.

The pharmacist drives the system according to the professional judgement not vice versa. The clinical decision will be at the pharmacist's sole discretion.